I totally get it! Life gets in the way, let’s face it, most of the time! Many of us find that as we devote our lives to taking care of others, we tend to lose site of what is going on in our own bodies and mind.

Are you losing patience quicker?

Do you find you slow down right after lunch?

Do you lose focus while working on certain tasks?

Have you put on more weight than you would like?

Are you not able to lose weight no matter how much diet and exercise you do?

My name is Jennifer and I have been there and done that! I am a single mom of two boys; one with severe ADHD and one who developed Bipolar in his teens. I help take care of my aging parents all while working full time. I began to study how better care for ME all emotionally, physically and mentally. I finally got my life back!

As you start your journey to health and wellness, please remember, it takes a village and I am here to help you be the best version of yourself.