Making the Most of Quarantine

I hope this post finds all of you happy, healthy, and safe. I can’t believe what is going on in the world today. We are not going into the office, kids are not in school, organized sports have been cancelled and we are seeing camps close for the summer. Parents are homeschooling and Zoom has become a household name. Some of us have taken pay cuts and others have lost their jobs. Emotions are running high and finances are running low.

I am proud to say, I am making the most of this quarantine. I never have a boring day. I started a garden in my backyard…keep your fingers crossed I will have tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and zucchini in another month. I am in the process of taking cooking classes online. I am happy to report I haven’t eaten a bad meal yet and I only did takeout once in 3 months. I binged-watched Sweet Magnolias as well as Designated Survivor, my dogs love me being home and cuddling on the couch. But most importantly I found time to work on me…walking, eating healthy, clearing my mind, and gaining control of my life again.

Health and Happiness begins with you. After all, that is what is on my homepage. I believe this now more than ever. With all of the family togetherness, cooped up at home, I hear many talk about how they can’t wait until the kids go back to school. They can’t wait until their spouse starts traveling again. They want to be waited on at a restaurant. They want their hair cut and dyed! I don’t blame any of you.

Yet, I want to challenge you to look at the quarantine differently. It has forced you and your family to slow down. What a luxury to eat dinner with your family every night. It is great to cuddle on the couch watching a movie without your email on your lap. There is never a day where there is no time to exercise. Take a big sigh now. Wow, you are finally “living.”

The country is starting to open again. I am sure you can’t wait to get out there. Me too!! Keep a couple family dinners on the calendar each week. Carve out the time to take the dogs on a peaceful walk without your phone. Be sure to have movie night and don’t forget the popcorn!

Slowing down allows you to take care of YOU. Take advantage of the ‘reset’. Be Safe.

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